Friday, 26 September 2014

Walk the traditions

Walk the traditions is the new collection of blankets that I made for the Scandinavian company Fabulous Goose. They are very committed to our environment, and produce all there products locally in the most sustainable way possible. It is such a pleasure to work with hem and 'Walk the traditions' is now the 3th collection I have been making for them. I love the pictures that they make of the products. They work on the whole story of the product with an ambiance and atmosphere. I am very happy with the colours of the blankets that we managed to combine as the available colour cart is very restricted. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Atelier / workshop « Fleurs de soie »

With colleague textile designer Myrte Kilian we will give a workshop that will be held during 'Le marché des soies' in november 2014 in Lyon. We will make flower jewellery, brooch, diademe or hair pin out of silk fabric. 
Marché des soies à Lyon
Jeudi 20 novembre de 15h à 17h
Les participants à l’atelier pourront fabriquer des bijoux en forme de fleurs contemporaines en tissu de soie. Les créatrices leur proposent quatre produits différents à fabriquer en fonction du niveau des participants: un collier, un serre-tête, une barrette ou une broche.
A la fin de l’atelier, les participants partiront avec un ou plusieurs bijoux design finis.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Birth card

The birth card that I made for Boaz. I received it with the mail and love the stamps on the envelope :-) It made me wonder if I should not make a little collection as I have the bear and the fox card. The fox card I made for the birth of my son Elio.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Inspiration 1/09/2014

 Back to work and time for some new inspiration. Structures and colours!
 A lovely watercolour (photo-synthesis) from artiste Satsuki Shibuy
 Image from Line Kay from the blog vinagepiken

 Image of eucalyptus leafs from textile designer Elena Ulyanova. She does expirtimentations with natural dye.
I love this 2 patterns that have been inspired by the hopi tripe for Obus clothing