Thursday, 26 March 2015

Le Bestaire

Last weekend I went with my son and friend to visite the Biennale of Design in Saint-Etienne and participated at the workshop of Ionna Vautrin called Le Bestaire that is proposed for kids. The exhibition shows different animal costumes and talks about graphic design. The kids visited the exhibition and were able to make there own costume based on the expo. We had so much fun and wished I could also have made one myself!
With a little imagination you can see there lovely costumes; a colourful leopard and a tiger with dots!

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Last weekend I went to visite Mr Oriol in Pelussin who has the last weaving workshop from this village. I met him 6 years ago on a little textile market in the region and saw directly he had beautiful fabrics. He makes white plain silk or wool fabrics all woven in the workshop by himself. He still works with the traditional old machines. The workshop is a complete mess but he manage to have the most lovely white fabrics in a beautiful quality! He really likes to explain about his work and every time I go I discover new things. Sadly he will probably stop in the near future..... This is such a same!
 You can see a little movie about Mr Oriol and his workshop here.