Saturday, 11 April 2015

Les Sens du Beau / The Experiences of Beauty

I have been visiting the Biennale International du Design in Saint-Etienne 2015 that is held from 12 march until the 12 april. The theme is Les Sens du Beau or The Experiences of Beauty. It consists of several exhibitions with lovely titles as; On savait, on savait que ├ža n’allait pas dure, Vous-avez dit bizarre?, Form follows information and No Randomness. Very conceptual work and also a very essential approach like the exhibition No Randomness. Here some objects are show that we use and see in the everyday live. We forgot how functional and well-designed they really are and this exhibition shows us this products and there essence. I really liked this version of the biennale, I found a lot of interesting projects and the approach is poetic, ingenious and imaginative.

Friday, 3 April 2015

April Colours

New colour inspirations. You can find them on my pinterest board colours for more inspiration and information.