Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Studio / Atelier

Work in progress
It is almost summer holiday and very busy in the studio to finish the new pattern collections.
I always start with hand drawings and love tu use watercolour. Here some images of my studio covered in new watercolours drawings and sketches. They start to take shape now I rework them in Illustrator and Photo-shop. I have been learning several new ways of using this programs through the Pattern Observer website. Very inspiring and interesting tutorials you can find on this site.
Also I have been trying out some different ways of stamping.
I have been thinking about several new projects that will hopefully take shape over the summer. And hope to show them in the autumn

Travail en cours.
Les  vacances d'été sont presque là et je suis très occupée dans le studio pour terminer les nouvelles collections de motifs .
Je commence toujours avec des dessins à la main et à l'aquarelle. Voici quelques images de mon studio couvert de nouveaux dessins et croquis en aquarelles. Retravaillés avec Illustrator et Photoshop, ils commencent à prendre formes. J'ai appris plusieurs nouvelles façons d'utiliser ces programmes grace au site web Pattern Observer . Sur ce site vous trouvez des tutoriels très inspirants et intéressants. Egalement, j'ai essayé différentes façons d'utiliser des tampons. J'ai plusieurs nouveaux projets en tête, qui pourrons prendre forme au cours de l'été . J'ai l'espoir de les montrer à l'automne!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Summertime:-) You can always use a blanket! The blankets that I designed for Fabulous Goose are made in organic cotton and produced in Europe!

C'est l’été :-) Vous avez toujours besoin d'une couverture ! Les couvertures que je Conçu pour Fabulouse Goose sont fabriqués en coton bio et en Europe !

Monday, 22 June 2015


My web-shop is in the air! Please come and have a look WEBSHOP.
Here you can find some original artwork and pop-up greeting cards that I made. I hope to add soon new projects that I am working on!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bloom Pop Cards

I created a small collection of pop-up cards that you can find in my webshop. I use the pop-up idea mixed with graphical ink patterns in black and white. They are hand cut and assembled with great care. I hope to extend the collection in the autumn with new designs.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Paper Embroidery

My new project Watercolour Embroidery now for sale on my shop! This are all original artworks made on aquarelle paper with watercolour, fine liner, pencil and embroidery.
I like to use embroidery like a way of drawing, it is like a pen that gives a new layer to the artwork. I am very attached to precise handmade work and I like to feel the materials.